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Keshee is an Alabamian born in Selma, Alabama and has lived in more than four different cities within the state. She attended Spelman with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Economics with a minor in Management.  


Keshee has over six years of experience in Talent & Organizational Change Management. Currently Keshee is the People Advisor and Learning Management Lead for the Accenture Houston office. 


Keshee is a loving wife, mother of two children and a devoted Community Leader. Keshee is the founder and Executive Chief Operator of the Black Belt Community Development Coalition. 



Keshee D. Smith, Chief Executive/Operations Director 
Jermelle' V. Custer, Web Designer/Media Specialist

Jermelle' is a native of Uniontown, Alabama. She received her bachelors from Auburn University in Mass Communications and a Masters of Education in Instructional Technology from Auburn University Montgomery. She is a Youth County Agent serving Bullock, Barbour, and Macon Counties focusing on public speaking, bully prevention, and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) Education. Ms. Custer is pursuing her Education Specialist degree in Adult Education and a graduate certificate in Extension Education. She is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated and an advocate for education and the advancement of the Black Belt communities. You can find more about her by visiting:

Courtney is a native of Selma, Alabama and is the Chief of Operations at the Black Belt Community Development Coalition. Courtney has studied finance at Auburn University in Montgomery, Alabama. She currently serves as a Policy Council Member of the Central Alabama Childhood Development & CDC Inc. 

Courtney Cunnigham, CO-Founder/CFO

Our continued goal is to assess our community's growth opportunities by designing strategic plans that will identify potential solutions to improve the quality of life within our community. Implementing then measuring our success will determine how valuable each volunteered hour and program initiative positively improved our quality of life within our community.

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