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Bodies in
Cooking with 
a Twist

Cooking with a Twist - is a program that will introduce clean eating alternatives to promote a healthier lifestyle. This program will promote efforts to fight obesity, high blood pressure, kidney disease, heart health and emotional distress.

Bodies in Motion – is a program that will promote all forms of exercise activities from dance to traditional fitness routines. This program will promote personal goals and competitions amongst participating groups of individuals that document their progress and weigh in to determine who achieved the best body in motion.

Rainbow in my Tummy – is a program that will encourage local parents, schools, daycares, and camps to provide a variety of healthier meals and snacks to our youth. This program will also provide educational awareness to both parents and children on how to improve and expand their eating habits through implementing more colorful fruits and vegetables in their daily diets. 

Rainbow in 
my Tummy

Healthcare Awarenss



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