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Selma's Got Talent
Life Class Series

Life Class Series – is an after school guidance program to teach youth the importance of expressing the world from their point of view i.e. bullying, gender identity, sex, pregnancy, STDs, and life after high school.

Selma’s Got Talent - is an afterschool performing arts program that will provide an outlet for those youth that are artistically inclined to express themselves through dance, foreign language, cinema, theater, writing and/or painting.

Film Festivals – are opportunities where individuals within the community can participate in an open forum environment to examine various documentaries, new clips, and movies to participate in a round table discussion. Each film will visually introduce relevant issues within communities globally.

Back to School Drive – is an annual fundraiser that provides essential resources to equip underprivileged students and impoverished schools with the required tools to successfully operate within the school academic year.

Film Festivals
Back to School Drive

Education Initiatives



Messes & Master Pieces

The Book Adventure – is a year program geared toward motivating youth between the ages of 6 – 18 to take an adventure using their imagination through reading and becoming an active library member. This program will offer several ways to get involved: Annual Give a Book Checkout a Book Drive, Book Club Groups (by age), Author’s Corner, Craft Activities, and Writing Competitions.

Messes & Master Pieces – is a program for infants to middle school youth to introduce different types of art as an outlet for expression and learning opportunities. This program will be volunteer based and will run year around. 

The Book Adventure
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