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Market Saturdays
First Fridays

First Fridays – are events that will create open forum discussions and learning opportunities about local communities growth and volunteer opportunities. 

Market Saturdays – are events that will improve our local economy by showcasing our local small businesses to the local residence and traveling tourist. It will also serve as a resource to encourage our youth to embark on entrepreneurship ventures.

Fighting Poverty with a Passion – is a program that will assess poverty within the community and develop a plan of action to help education and equip citizens with strategies to decrease poverty within our community with every civic engagement.

Seasonal Family Fun Fests – are events that will celebrate youth and family expression through showcasing their talents and interest, gathering together to form awareness forums, and fun activities. 

Fighting Poverty
with a 
Seasonal Family
Fun Fests

Community Development 



Reality Check

Reality Check – is a program centered on adults and parents that need a reality check or mental check out from all of the pressing issues and responsibilities that come with growing up and caring for others. This program will be a safe environment for adults can seek support, counselingand guidance on adult and parenthood with an occasional social function to continually boost everyone’s moral.

Seed Bombs Away

Seed Bombs Away – is a program centered on planting more greenery to beautify our local community areas. This act of improving our community encourages everyone to consider their carbon foot print and level of awareness of the importance of a greener tomorrow.

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